Ladies, what stories are you telling yourself?  Are they helping you to achieve the dreams that you have, or are they holding you back?  What are your stories telling our younger generation of girls without you even saying a word?

Danielle Joworski is a dynamic, versatile and passionate Author, Speaker and Awakening Catalyst.  Through the words she writes in The ATHENA Prodigies: Empowering Women Empowering Girls, and speaks as a keynote speaker, she aims to awaken all generations of women to the power of their stories, and the infinite potential when they are shared.

Danielle focuses on being the catalyst that ignites the spark within women and girls, to see themselves as the Heroines of their own stories.  Supporting women and girls in the growth of their strength, confidence and courage to shape their stories into ones where they aspire to achieve the dreams, goals and life that they desire.