Athletic Nation Personal Training Studio Specializing in Weight Loss Now Open!

 Katy, Texas—May 18, 2010--Athletic Nation Personal Training Studio is now open.  We are here to educate and empower people, who are fed up and frustrated from fighting to win the fat loss war, with our signature metabolism makeover programs. We want people to know why they are doing it, not just how to do it. Our clients come to us desperate, distraught, and struggling to find that missing element to achieve their fitness goals. Armed with our signature metabolism makeover programs, clients learn why they are not losing weight, the 3 biggest lies in the health and fitness industry that keep them from losing fat. Then and only then, are they taught how to lose and keep the fat off. Every person that used our programs has seen a dramatic reduction in body fat. Kevin Campbell writes "Just follow the program and you will have the body you want." Mike Birt says "This program has made me realize that muscle definition is achievable." Meera Vitale states "With the extreme version of the metabolism makeover, I lost 19 pounds in 25 days!"  Athletic Nation Personal Training Studio has 2000 square feet of training space. The studio specializes in helping people achieve their fat loss goals. The company firmly believes that educating people about why they are not losing body fat is the first and most important step in the process. Once they understand why, they can then learn how to lose the body fat and achieve the results they so desire.For more information about Athletic Nation's training and coaching services or the metabolism makeover programs, please contact:Will Denyko Owner

Athletic Nation Personal Training Studio

Phone: (281)693-3656