Scouting Services of America is the best sports marketing service for High-School Athletes. We will work for you and provide a level of service above all others.

SSA offers only those services that an athlete needs to succeed in the recruiting process.

   * A personalized profile form detailing athletic and academic achievements
   * Postal mailings of personalized profile to college coaches
   * Supplemental postal mailings of updated profile sent to coaches each year
   * Online profiles updated at least two times annually
   * Supplemental e-mailing of online profile to college coaches
   * High-quality sports recruiting videos produced(not available with all services)
   * Personal guidance throughout the recruiting process
   * Financial aid counseling and form processing
   * Utilization of multiple Online Athlete Databases

Collegiate Athletic Scholarships are difficult to receive due to heavy competition, lower recruiting budgets for schools, and the overall supply and demand for them. We help get the student-athlete the exposure they need and bring them to the college coach. There are a lot of factors that constitute a scholarship offer:

   *  Coach's need at the time
   *  Player's Skill Level
   *  High School Grades
   *  Sport's Budget

Local Community College, Major Top 5 School, It doesn't matter, WE CAN HELP!