Athmane Yahiaoui, an Internet marketing company based out of Sydney Australia, has announced that they are launching a new review website that will feature information on the Oakley sunglasses. The new website can be found at http://www.oakleysunnies.com/.
“The goal of this website is to give interested customers the convenience to be able to find the information they want about this outstanding product put out by Oakley, Inc.” said Athmane Yahiaoui, founder. “This item is very popular and so we have setup this review website that is an affiliate site.”
They also wanted to point out that his company is in no way a part of Oakley, Inc.” It was added that this is strictly a review site setup to refer potential, interested customers to the product.

The website plans to feature each particular item in the unique Oakley, Inc. Oakley is one of the world’s top 100 luxury brands, The prices range for a pair of Oakley sunglasses is between  $52 and $1,200.00, All Oakley glasses are made in the United States ans will have “Made in the USA” logo typically on the inside of the arm. 

It was also pointed out that the Oakley sunglasses can be shipped for free, which can be another reason for shopping online for your sunglasses.

For more details on the Oakley sunglasses visit http://www.oakleysunnies.com/.