Atlanta Media Research (aka Wonderboy Media Research) is an Emmy-Nominated and multi Silver-Telly award-winning agency. 


Industrial Research centeres on new products, enhancement of current products and/or patent application. Wonderboy’s experience with Industrial research focuses primarily on the pulp and paper industry and have been published through United Business Media (UBM) owns RISI. (Resource Information Systems Inc).

Media exposure began in 1990 where Wonderboy wrote for Children’s Express, an organization dedicated to educating youth on how to research, write and interview. In 2000 Wonderboy began working for a local PBS affiliate, WTVI-TV where he conducted demographic research using research tools that included several Nielsen products.

Media heavy hitters TimeWarner, Wachovia Video Network, Emulsion Arts, WTVI-TV and multi Emmy-Award winner Steve Crump worked with Wonderboy on image acquisition, rights and clearances and lessening long-term risk exposure.

Wonderboy Research conducts research on Mobile marketing Bluetooth Mobile Marketing Campaigns. He is currently a member of Bluetooth SIG.