Qsource is a nonprofit, healthcare quality improvement and information technology consultancy. We have been headquartered in Tennessee since 1973, with offices in Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee, and in Indianapolis, Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky. Our affiliate, Qsource-Arkansas, is headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas. Qsource is leading the atom Alliance, a
five-year, five-state initiative to ignite powerful and sustainable change in healthcare quality.

Formed as a partnership between three leading healthcare consultancies, atom Alliance is working under contract to the CENTERS for MEDICARE & MEDICAID SERVICES (CMS) throughout Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee to improve quality and achieve better outcomes in health and healthcare and at lower costs for the patients and communities we serve.

Through atom Alliance, AQAF in Alabama, IQH in Mississippi and Qsource in Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee are carrying out an exciting strategic plan, with programs in place to convene, teach and inform healthcare providers, engage and empower patients, and inspire, share knowledge and spread best practices with communities across the entire healthcare continuum.

We're working to improve healthcare quality through the following current initiatives:

Healthy People, Healthy Communities - Through prevention and treatment of chronic disease

- Diabetes Care
Reducing disparities in diabetes care by partnering with providers to empower persons with diabetes through Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME)

-- Cardiac Health
Helping home health agencies, physician offices and clinics spread the use of evidence-based practices and prevent cardiac disease through support of the Million Hearts initiative

Preventing incidents of influenza, pneumonia and shingles throughout communities by improving immunization rates

Better Health Care for Communities - By improving outcomes in patient safety

-- HAIs and HACs
Working with hospitals to reduce Healthcare-Associated Infections and with Nursing Homes to improve care for residents by reducing Healthcare-Acquired Conditions

-- Care Coordination
Convening communities to reduce unnecessary readmissions and promote seamless coordination of care across all healthcare settings

-- Medication Safety
Working with healthcare providers, communities and patients to improve medication safety and reduce adverse drug events

Better Care at Lower Costs to Communities - Through HIT and value-based programs

-- Health Information Technology
Reducing healthcare costs to communities by supporting clinical practices using electronic health records to improve care management and coordination

-- Quality Reporting & Incentive Programs
Assisting providers with CMS quality reporting and value-based payment programs

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Improving Healthcare throughout Tennessee; Kentucky; Indiana; Alabama; and Mississippi