Atom & Molly is the imagining of a relationship but between two perfectly paired particles:  Atom, an atom, and Molly, a molecule.  Across 95 panels in the first book - "The Wireframe Edition" - discover the humor, science, and culture involved in their personalities and careers, and meet the other sub-atomic characters in their world.  As described by the tag line “The World’s First Sub-Atomic Comic”©, Atom & Molly is the first comic that uses sub atomic particles as the actual characters themselves and brings them to life.  The characters often break the fourth wall.  The comic’s creator provides commentary with each panel that develops the background storyline into different directions, often encouraging the reader’s curiosity.  Suitable for children, teens, and adults, Atom & Molly is a humorous look at science via a relationship, and a funny look at a relationship via science and culture.