Australian owned & operated vape shop. We are based in Brisbane but also supply Australia and NZ by way of our website with life changing vape products. Coatsy, the owner comes from a large scale construction past and still firmly believes in the idea of - Safety Comes 1st and attempts to pass this on to all new vapers that start vaping with AV's.
We hope to help guide any newcomers to quitting success that have fought their way through the misinformation that's spread regarding e-cigarettes. We aim at making it an easier transition from smoking with quality Beginner's Starter Kits, Premium E-Liquids, vaping hardware and accessories along with the right information & support to make it easier for you.
Please contact us if you have anything that concerns you, are looking for something you just can't find anywhere or just need a bit of direction.
We will try to help wherever we can.