Atomo Diagnostics was established to capitalise on a core belief that healthcare products offering significantly improved levels of convenience, simplicity and user experience are disproportionately disruptive and have the potential to be very successful commercial market entrants.

Having identified the usability challenges and in-field limitations of existing RDT products, Atomo worked closely with healthcare workers and consumers in a range of settings and determined that by integrating all the test components into a streamlined, end-to-end solution it could significantly improve safety and accuracy and reduce user error rates.

This focus on usability and how end users interact with the RDT is one of the key aspects that sets Atomo apart from its competition in the POCT market.

Its unique design and patented features mean that AtomoRapid™ addresses and eliminates the vast majority of user errors identified as impacting the performance of standard RDTs in the field. AtomoRapid™ makes it easy to convert proven diagnostic technologies into user friendly products that deliver unmatched customer satisfaction and in-field performance.

These products are successful due to their ability to materially improve usability, convenience and reliability for both professional and home users. It is this unswerving focus on exceeding user expectations that the management team has applied to the diagnostic market; a market that has to date seen little user-centric innovation.

Atomo Diagnostics is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, with corporate offices located in South Africa the UK. The company is led by an executive team with a track record of success commercialising disruptive healthcare products, and the company has assembled an experienced and committed international management team and Board and advisors.