Applied Tactical Technologies (ATT-Tactical) is committed to excellence in all that we do. We will accomplish our mission through technological leadership, product research and development, responsible marketing, and commercial strategies that create and reshape markets. We believe in delivering timely and comprehensive service to our customers; providing innovation in all aspects of technology and design; marketing firearms that are extensively tested, safe, and proven effective; and maintaining a position of leadership that sets the industry standard for quality. We adhere to the highest legal and ethical principles in the conduct of all aspects of our business. We commit to all our constituencies the highest standards of operational and financial performance.

Our motto: "Knowledge has value, but experience is priceless"

Applied Tactical Technologies (ATT-Tactical) offers turnkey defense and security solutions to Law Enforcement and Armed Forces as well as governmental agencies, multinationals as well as individual war-fighters and crime-fighters. Additionally we supply official procurement authorities and participates in public tenders. As a niche specialist, ATT-Tactical also offers specialized services such as single-system procurement, systems overhaul and systems consultancy.

ATT-Tactical represent a selective range of complimentary brands while securing dedicated focus for each manufacturer. Thanks to direct relationships with Law Enforcement and Armed Forces communities and in close cooperation with our partners, ATT-Tactical offers direct access to our extensive direct agency distribution network operations covering most of CONUS.