Birth certificate is the certificate that records the birth of an individual. These birth certificates need to get Apostille for using them in countries that are part of Hague convention. Birth certificate Apostille is the process of authenticating birth certificate by the respective legal authorities with their seal and signature. The Apostille stamp signifies that the certificate has been verified and is approved genuine.
If you are planning to take your child to a foreign country and get admission in schools part of Hague convention birth certificate Apostille acts as an age proof.  Birth certificate Apostille can be useful for many international dealings. A birth certificate Apostille makes your admission procedures easier.
For getting a birth certificate Apostille you need to go through some procedures.
•     SDM
•     Then Apostille stamping is done.
Additional documents you need to submit for getting birth certificate Apostille
•     Original birth certificate
•     Passport copy
Apostille makes more credibility to your birth certificate. Countries that are part of Hague convention mostly require Apostille verification for its documents. It is nothing but adding more originality to your birth certificate for you to submit before a foreign government.