"For over 7 years, I have been helping executive businesses increase their visibility by increasing their search engine rankings. It became apparent to me that law firms needed a specialized service due to the competitive nature of the business”

The search market is extremely competitive, especially for law practices, which you already know and that’s why you are here. You simply want to be seen when someone searches for an attorney to represent them in a particular concentration of the law.

I specialize in the attorney market for one reason; what I do is extremely effective and simply dominates the attorney market. Most “SEO gurus” simply do not have the skills or knowledge it takes to win in competitive markets, so that leaves a rather large void and a need for a search marketing firm that specializes in law.

My firm is a results-based firm, which simply means, we do not have you sign a contract, ever. Why? Because what we do speaks for itself and when we perform for you month after month, we don’t need to hide behind agreements. If your business is growing, you will remain a client for a very long time.