The word auction is derived from the Latin words Acto for increase and Auctonarium; which for Romans was the place that auctions may be conducted by an accredited certified or licensed auctioneer called The Magister Auctionarium.

The Auctionarium is California’s only full service Roman rules auction company that is dedicated to take the pain out of selling real estate and personal property such as art, furniture, collectibles, sculpture, coins and jewelry using the auction method to determine the "present cash market value" that the market of bidders are willing to pay.

The Roman rules of The Auctionarium mean that everything must be sold to the highest bidder, with no minimum bids and no reserve prices. If you are looking for a real auction where everything sells regardless of price, The Auctionarium is the place for you.

The Auctionarium offers a combination of live and Internet auctions to increase market exposure for items while allowing people to bid from their computer, phone or in person.

Sellers are pleased knowing they have received "the present cash market value" through open and competitive bidding. The process is transparent with all auctions recorded.

Buyers who 'win' property through our transparent open bidding process are pleased knowing they only paid one bid more than someone else was willing to pay for the property. Real estate and personal property are sold with free & clear title. That means when you win at The Auctionarium, once it's paid for you are the new legal owner of record.