Auction House marketing agency achieving, client retention and new business.

How do you get more consignments and expose your Auctions to a wider audiance on the web?

"I solve this" by creating a clear web marketing strategy targeting the niche areas you deal with so the clients find you rather than you having to find them.

A multi talented individual, with approximately 9 years current Internet Marketing, SEO and e-commerce experience, combining technical experience and practical knowledge, together with extensive client marketing & promotional experience in professional web services including paid advertising with subsequent performance analysis, operated through my current websites:- http://www.auctioneersvalut.com

Considerable knowledge and experience of ‘ranking sites’ local or international and a very clear understanding of commercial site creation and the integration of shopping cart and e-commerce solutions.

A rare understanding of the Digital Catalogues and how to enable full linking of All Auction lots to their bidding page (A first in the Industry)

Experienced in working with Auction Houses all over the World in achieving, client retention and new business, through the use of Flipbooks and Video to dominate the niche area they deal in. Not only on a Local level but also a Global one. Saving a vast amount of AdWord spend and giving a much wider exposure that they previously have. Our dedicated Auctioneers marketing Site is located at : http://www.auctioneersvault.com

Created the most comprehensive Turnkey Auctioneers Mobile App available at this time.
Being used by Whyte's in Ireland

& McTear's in Scotland

Archives International Auctions

Is a contributor to a number of professional computer forums in both in the UK and U.S.A.

Contact at : a-harvey@auctioneersvault.com