Audiobook Pop! (formerly, Audiobooks For Your Kids) was founded in 2010 to provide a solution to the following three points of pain:
- buying audiobooks is expensive,
- owning, renting and borrowing CDs can be a hassle,
- being offered thousands of books by other apps is overwhelming.

Audiobook Pop! curates its content so that there is minimal decision making, ease of use and affordability. Too much choice is not a good thing.

Audiobook Pop! lets you effortlessly listen to classic audiobooks. Simply download the stories and you are ready to go.

Audiobook Pop! Pop into a good book!

We offer four apps in the iTunes store:
Audiobooks - Austen
Audiobooks For Your Kids
Audiobooks - (f) Kids
Audiobooks - Sci-Fi

All of our apps cost 99 cents and the audiobook downloads are free.