August Point Wellness Center uses natural forms of healing based upon Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and its philosophy. TCM has thousands of years of practical application and empirical evidence to back its effectiveness and benefits. Its approach is set upon balancing the whole person and creating a homeostatic environment within the body conducive to healing. TCM is growing in popularity in the West, as people are becoming more conscious of their bodies and the medicine they put into it.

Natural medicine is practical and effective. It works alongside the body, not against it. It doesn't cure everything, but it should be looked upon as a powerful organic treatment option. Natural medicine can also be used in conjunction with other treatment modalities. It can be fully integrated into a Western medical model. This means that a patient can always benefit from incorporating some form of traditional Chinese medicine into their lives. Whether it's acupuncture, herbs, yoga, qi gong, tai chi, or food therapy, natural medicine can offer many benefits.

August Point Wellness Center provides premier products and service to our clients and treat them like family. We understand that when you are looking for medical expertise, you want the best. We don't profess to know everything, but we will gladly help you as much as we can. We can also refer you out to another medical provider when necessary.