Aura mosaic platters are created from deep-down urge and desire to design distinctive one of a kind home decor fine art items. We have decided to follow the path, which would give us freedom to create art mosaic pieces that would rejuvenate, enliven and give a new definition to our homes.

We are intuitive artistic people believing in invisible connections beyond our known physical world and we see art as a gate or passage to other dimensions. Seeking the right way to name and express our vision the AURA concept came to life. The AURA concept and the platters are designed to take you on this wonderful Journey to Your Inner Self.

The lighting on the little glass pieces reflects and plays a magical spectrum of colours, they contain its own aura. They are glittering and luminous ever changing colours as you move around. It’s magical it’s ethereal.

Inspired by memories, cities, people, countries, and things we like. Inspired by nature, trees, birds, exotic travels, world religions, and beliefs, morning light, evening sunsets, never ending stream of events and with beautiful crafty things made by hand.


Ricky & Inka