Aura is a location based data­ driven mobile technology platform. We gather location and contextual intelligence of visual arts to build meaningful consumer experiences and big data solutions. No matter how novice or expert you are, Aura provides users with the ultimate engaging art collection experience by combining the immersiveness of a personal art notebook with the ease of organization of a smartphone and the breadth of information on the internet. Aura will quickly evolve to be smart and social as we map the art world and accumulate rich art memories from around the globe.
Aura is the first platform designed to combine art, data and social. We believe we can increase the size and velocity of a $65 billion opaque, fragmented market while becoming its first truly horizontal player able to participate in virtually any transaction. We see a 5­year run to get to 10 million users and $100 million in revenue with significant growth from there. This is a highly efficient, low touch business once we have critical mass of users and data.