Sacramento based Aerial Cinematography and Aerial Photography specialists. We specialize in Film, TV, Commercials, Real Estate, Sports, Events, Inspections, and much more.

Aurum Aerial's founding partners have over 10 years of experience in the film industry and over 12 years in electrical engineering. Together they formed a company with a unique mix of drone pilots, photographers, engineers, cinematographers, and camera operators.

We can fly most cameras including, ARRI ALEXA Mini, RED Weapon/Dragon, RED Epic, RED Scarlet, RED Raven, Sony FS7, F-700, Canon C500, C300, C100, 1DC, Black Magic Production, Lumix GH4, Canon 5D Mark III, Sony a7S, Black Magic Pocket Camera, GoPro and most other camera/lens combos up to 15 lbs. Our drone fleet includes a Freefly Alta Heavy Lift Aerial Platform, DJI S1000+ Medium Lift Aerial Platform, DJI Inspire Pro and the DJI Phantom 3 Professional.

Whether shooting a big budget feature film, showcasing a vast estate for your MLS listing, shooting epic aerials for your music video, or adding production value to your low budget film, we can fit you with the right equipment and professional operators to achieve stunning aerial video and photography that fits your budget.