Are you looking to find ways to reduce your mind/body connection to stress and become more resilient? As a holistic, solution-focused therapist, professional life and spiritual coach, I specialize in helping adults & adolescents learn how to gain insight and coping skills. While we can't change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to cleanse your mind/body connection to any trauma or stress. By practicing energy healing techniques, you will let go of long-standing feelings or triggers that may be holding you back. You can learn to re-write your story and live as your Authentic-Self.

I counsel individuals, couples, families having anxiety, depression, dual-diagnosis, self-esteem, relationship/communication & transitional difficulties. I teach Stress Management, Mindfulness/Meditation, EFT/Tapping, breath work, affirmations, visualization, hypnosis, NLP & coping skills. With Solution-Focus, Gestalt, Advanced Integrative Therapy, and Existential techniques you can challenge mistaken beliefs & learn positive self-talk.

As you learn to focus on the positive, to get where you want to go, you will learn meditation/mindfulness techniques to help you become more accountable and resilient both mentally and physically. You will create a "Strength Kit" of tools to grow from in your daily routine.  I look forward to meeting you.  Call to get started!