I am a surf girl. I solo travel and on my travels, I am not only chasing waves and watching beauties of visited countries, but I am trying to spend loads of time with locals. Last year I started to film them cooking and document everything around food as authentic as it gets.

..... and this is how my V-blog and food blog were born.

On the web you will find loads of recipes I collected on my travels, many of them complemented by authentic videos, information about exotic ingredients with pictures from their homeland, their traditional way of processing, information where to buy them and sometimes when I am in the right poetic mood, I write some bits from my surf and culinary travels on the blog part.

Check an example of one of the video posts:

The list of countries I visited and surfed since the project began is: Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, India and Malay part of Borneo.

If you would like to learn more about me, please continue here: http://www.authenticworldfood.com/en/blog/i-am-a-surf-girl-girl-like-any-other/

Enjoy your food, enjoy your life!

Bo` on the road