Jimmy Stille is the author of books and short stories in the horror and Americana genres. He resides in southeast Georgia around the Savannah, Pembroke, and Black Ankle vicinities. Most of his writing incoprporates the rich history of this unique section of America.
    Jimmy worked for forty-five years in the transportation/trucking industry. His duties ran the gamut from container ship boarding agent to long haul trucker. An age related eye disease (wet macular degeneration) forced his retirement. Unwilling to sit back and become an invalid, Jimmy decided to pursue a career in writing and blogging.
    Jimmy has since then had two books published, and is the author of a blog read around the world. (Monkey Hell).http://dobrojimbo.blogspot.com  Jimmy has discovered a hidden talent in writing horror fiction. He also writes in the Americana genre, mainly centered around rural life in Georgia in the 1930's-1950's. He posts many of these short stories on his blog, and plans in time to combine them all together into a book.