The WORLD'S FASTEST GROWING ENCYCLOPEDIA, AUTHORPÆDIA® is supported by AUTHORPAEDIA Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization whose fundraising campaign is based mainly on donations—the only source to protecting and preserving its status for the benefit of our published writers.

Contemporary authors write and create their pages, and only they have the right to edit their work, as well as to maintaining updates, and controlling their own content.

Of course, there are those whom we call “the Classics” who fill the folio of time, who need our ritual to enlist them in our everly print. And so, we welcome volunteers who can join AUTHORPÆDIA® as Contributors (e.g., writer’s associations, universities, Wikipedia’s collaboration, etc.,) to help us maintain an immensurable, yet liable anthology, one which shall mark with regality the literary excellence of mankind.

With an estimated one (1) million published authors per year in the United States alone, and facing 130 million worldwide, AUTHORPÆDIA is expecting to grow far larger than any encyclopedia ever known to exist.

And we do intend to release into libraries and bookstores our yearly volumes chained in exclusive leather-bound editions, to mark history with a seal of immortality.