Auto-Rx® safely removes sludge, dirt, carbon build-up, and other contaminants from engines, transmissions, ring packs, motorcycles, power steering, differentials, and turbo engines. Auto-Rx® safely removes sludge while you drive. Auto-Rx® safely rejuvenates seals, reducing or eliminating oil leaks. See (US Patent #6,544,349) and View Product Label

One product ... Auto-Rx®... will safely clean either engines or transmissions. For automatic transmissions: Add 1/2 bottle to the existing fluid. Drive 1,000 miles and then have the fluid replaced. It is just that simple. For engines: Add one bottle of Auto-Rx® to a fresh oil change, and drive. For heavily sludged, high mileage motors, you can get faster results in a shorter timeframe with the Fast Track application. The Fast Track application uses two bottles of Auto-Rx® instead of only one bottle. In either case the cleaning time is 3,000 miles and the product works best with simple conventional oil. After 3,000 miles, drain the oil, change the filter, and refill with fresh oil. Drive another 3,000 miles and change the oil and filter. (This is referred to as the rinse phase)

This product is really simple to use. All of the applications are as simple as ADD AND DRIVE, and all of the cleaning activity occurs while you drive, whether you are cleaning an engine, transmission, differential, motorcycle, or power steering unit. Contact us about cleaning inboard marine engines.

Company Credibility

Auto-Rx® is a non-toxic product and was invented to clean oil-lubricated internal metal safely and efficiently. After years of research and testing formulations, the right formulation was discovered. Later, US Patent #6,544,349 was issued for Auto-Rx®, and the product began to be marketed 12 years ago only in the United States. Today, the product is sold to consumers in countries around the world but is available only on the Internet, not in retail stores.

Auto-Rx® Worldwide, Inc., is based in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, and Frank Miller is its founder, CEO, and president.