It has always been, and will always remain part of our essential human nature to look for some degree of levity in our lives; an inspirational boost or a spritely lift of spirit when we need it the most, and there is no better or more gratifying source to extract it from than through other people’s personal stories.
Whether you happen to be an avid reader without a lot of time to read, or simply someone who loves to learn about peoples’ one-of-a-kind life experiences, "Matthew" is a book with a lasting touch that is sure to leave the indelible mark of its unique unfolding upon your own personal trajectory, in the most unforgettable way.
Taken from the author’s own experiences, "Matthew" is an incredibly intriguing narrative, an intense slice-of-life autobiography, beautifully woven with an enticing dose of humor, mind-blowing twists of drama, and even a sprinkling of romance.
In this superbly-written short story, Pamela Harmsen recounts the events that transpired when she was held hostage in her high school by armed students. The leader of the militant hostage-takers happened to be Matthew, her childhood sweetheart. Harmsen’s survival remains inexplicable even to her and can only be described as miraculous.
Through a combination of artistic expression, keen philosophical elements, and a strongly-defined voice, this riveting and deeply stirring personal account will not only have you sitting at the edge of your seat, but will often have you questioning our understanding of the deep forces within our universe.
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