Personal shopper
We use our experience to shop for you.

Personal shopping has become common place in recent years, It is no longer confined to the rich and famous.

Nowadays, busy people rarely have time, the inclination or the expertise to seek out the best buy for their motoring needs. Knowing where to look, who to talk to and how to negotiate the best deal requires experience, industry knowledge and access to real time information.

At autocar solutions we have everything you need to find the most creative route to get the deal that is absolutely right for you.

You specify what you want, however unusual or specialist, then we use our knowledge and expertise to deliver the vehicle where and when suits you. We negotiate the deal with the vendor and then you pay them direct. We will then  invoice for you for our fee. Which will have been agreed in advance.

Advertising your vehicle

We advertise your vehicles that you have for sale (business or private trades)

We provide a comprehensive range of packages that caters for every individual needs.

We provide  advertisements for your vehicles via our website and also we create monthly leaflets that are distributed locally and nationwide which also provides national publicity for your vehicle that you have for sale..