Auto de Fe is a cross-platform magazine of inquisitive journalism and intelligent photography.  It showcases compelling writing, investigative reporting and visual documentary projects from around the world. ADF is a groundbreaking magazine for the digital age and is be available as a fully interactive digital app on the Apple iPad, with Android, Blackberry, Surface and Kindle devices coming soon, as well as online and in print. Our digital & print format allows us to explore many mediums of storytelling and bring you some truly spectacular reportage.

The way we learn is changing and the way journalism and photography is published changes alongside it. As social media, digital content and blogging grow in relevance and strength, traditional print media is in dramatic decline.  It’s clear to us that photojournalism and independent reporting is not dead, it’s simply facing, like many industries, the challenges of a digital age.

We think that visual storytelling is thriving – fueled by fresh ideas and new tools. We also think this is the perfect time to launch a new magazine, especially one like Auto de Fe. There is still a demand for inquisitive journalism and in-depth visual storytelling and now more than ever the technology is available to spread these stories to larger audiences than have ever been reached before.

To help create this magazine we’re not just working with the biggest names in the industry, we’re also reaching out to the up-and-coming story-tellers of our digital age, and, indeed, they are reaching out to us too. We want to offer a platform to the kind of writers, reporters and photographers who, despite their talent, can’t ordinarily expect to be noticed by giants such as Time, National Geographic and Newsweek.

Auto de Fe translates,  from medieval Spanish,  into “Act of Faith.” It essentially became a euphemism for the trial & execution of condemned “heretics, deviants & blasphemers” during the inquisitions. This seemed like a dark yet suitable name for our magazine; to us, it’s an ironic reflection of our progressive and yet inquisitive nature. Had such a magazine been published in the 1500′s , it would have undoubtedly faced the inquisitor’s torch.
One of our strongest founding principles is that in order for independent reportage to survive, it must be valued and appreciated. This magazine has been created by journalists and photographers so we know that it isn’t possible to survive on by lines and oxygen. We will always strive, as a priority, to pay our contributors as much as we can afford.

We hope you enjoy Auto de Fe magazine and will share it with friends…

How to Get Involved:

- We encourage you to contact our team with suggestions & feedback letters@autodefemag.com