Auto Refi Now is a program that enables customers to refinance their current vehicle at a lower rate. Funded by national banks and available through your local dealership, Auto Refi Now is designed to help customers who have recently experienced a positive improvement in their credit scare, achieve lower car payments through a lower interest rate. Currently available in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Auto Refi Now connects dealers with exclusive opportunities that will legally refinance their customer's current loans. Visit autorefinow.com to learn more about the products and find a dealer nearest you.

Benefits include:

*Lower rates on customers current loans
*Added value to the consumer and established, long-term relationships
*A non-threatening way to contact customers while generating additional vehicle sales

Auto Refi Now is available to dealerships that have a finance department and is a tool to drive:

*New and used auto sales
*Refinance income
*Increased closing ratios
*Additional product sales
*Increased customer retention and loyalty
*Increased floor traffic and web presence