Autus Properties is a Dallas based residential construction and remodeling company. They specialize in doing things the right way and pride themselves on taking the time required to do the job right. Delivering a beautiful product that lasts!  We have done jobs as small as repainting houses, adding mill work, even just changing out toilets and plugs and switches. The typical jobs we do are new construction custom homes, major remodeling of kitchens and bathrooms, and additions to homes. We know that we live in a world where now is never soon enough to complete a project, and we pride ourselves to taking the time to do the job right, not to just finish quickly and move on. There is a strong focus in doing the project with longevity in mind, which means working with codes, top notch companies and building science. The days are gone of "I have always done it this way".  There is so much compelling research on how to do things a way that will last, that the focus is not on that versus guessing.  Construction seems to be the only industry where people are willing to accept 10, 20 or 30 year old ways of doing work. No other professional would be allowed to work on that kind of out dated knowledge, no doctor, no lawyer, no dentist, etc. We maintain a sharp focus on the industry trends and use these products and techniques to build and remodel homes that will last a long time!