Based in Toronto, Canada, Auxo Management LLC (“Auxo”) is a privately-held, entrepreneurial investment firm seeking to acquire and actively manage small to medium-sized businesses. Auxo will make controlling investments in stable, profitable companies with annual revenues of $10 to $50 million and cash flows of $2 to $8 million.

Auxo is looking for businesses where owners are considering retirement or taking a significantly reduced role in the day-to-day operations. We provide business owners and managers with an alternative to traditional exit options. Auxo offers a compelling combination of capital and managerial expertise to ensure the continued success of the companies we acquire.

Auxo’s Managing Partners take an active role in the companies they acquire and focus on driving long-term, sustainable revenue growth. We work closely with business owners to create a customized deal that maintains continuity for employees and customers.

Auxo approaches every investment with a focus on continuity and value creation. We are long-term investors who believe success is based on honesty, commitment, and collaboration.