Avant Garde Milano bridges the gap between client and consumer. We are able to provide an outsourced sales and marketing management solution for clients to increase their customer base through face-to-face acquisition. The level of outsourcing varies from client to client and understanding the business development process in achieving our client’s goals is the key to our success.

We have extensive experience, across sectors and audiences, and can ensure that we target the right people at the right time with the right message to hit our client’s targets. We work with some of the fastest growing brands across Italy; in addition we have access to a network of sales and marketing companies in all major cities across the EU and UK allowing national coverage if needed. Our success is due to our 100% dedication to our work and a fast-paced, goal-orientated environment.

Avant Garde has found that in recent years most companies have become acutely aware of the spiralling cost of acquiring new customers for their brand. A multitude of media and marketing channels are used to promote and sell products; however implementation is expensive. Field sales and marketing has now become one of the major channels within the strategic marketing mix as it has been proven to be a very cost effective method of taking a product or brand direct to the customer. This way taking the product direct to the consumer saves them money and the brand.