AVARI is a personalization technology company that works with more than 7,000 businesses in 59 countries and 14 million consumers in 187 countries. Email platforms, agencies and brands use AVARI's intelligent content to deliver more relevant campaigns to each and every consumer.

Types of intelligent content include AVARI's innovative new Next Best Content (articles, infographics, guides, etc) technology as well as recommended products for ecommerce and real-time embedded social feeds. The personalized content is automatically generated and injected into each campaign on a per-customer basis, at the time the email is opened.

AVARI's intelligent content is powered by advanced predictive analytics and machine learning technology that determines what each person wants to read next in real-time. There are no rules or triggers to set up and no segmentation required. It’s fully automated and self-optimizing and it works with any marketing automation platform.

For more information please contact:
Sandy Hathaway
Co-Founder / CMO, AVARI