Using a 360-degree array of over 100 microcomputer cameras, Avatarium modular solutions — the Avatarium Studio Pro and Avatarium Studio Lite — are able to instantaneously capture images of people, pets and other objects, while improving the way 3D digital images are captured.

The speed and accuracy of the capturing process, coupled with proprietary Avatarium software, results in greater flexibility and a better end product for 3D modelers, digital effects artists and more.  “The quality of the final product is truly remarkable”, said Will Van Epern, Vice President, Avatarium 3D.  “Replacing traditional scanning with our camera array capture technique and proprietary software has wowed modelers and consumers alike.”

The Avatarium Studio Pro is intended to be set up for several weeks to several months or more.  Constructed of aluminum/polyethylene composite panels attached to a rigid extruded aluminum framework, the Studio Pro combines mobility with the durability of a more permanent structure. The Studio Pro is also a cost-effective way to quickly upgrade systems based on scanning.

The Avatarium Studio Lite is constructed of light, self-supporting thermoformed panels, transported, assembled, and broken down again easily and quickly. The Studio Lite is ideal for temporary set-up at trade shows, comic and superhero conventions, sporting events and more.

Both solutions come fully equipped with the camera array, hardware, software, power supply and LED lighting — everything needed to open up a 3D image capture shop.

About Avatarium 3D

A cutting-edge 3D capture studio with store front and modular arrays, Avatarium 3D brings to life people, pets and objects in extremely accurate and realistic detail. Founded in 2014, Avatarium delivers the fastest, and most accurate capture method along with a turnkey solution that provides businesses and consumers final 3D products that amazes and delights.