Car Audio/Video Interface for  Chrysler /Dodge/Jeep 2009 


Interface for Chrysler /Dodge/Jeep 2009. It is consited of a board, cables, remote control and a portable switch for mode change. Power cable has a filter to protect the board from damage. It does not need any sub-board and you can control fuctions by DIP switch if you want.


Car Video Interface (Media Key) helps to use A/V sources such as DVD player, DMB, Ipod Video, Video game consol or any other video devices on your built-in car monitor. It offers easy installation, excellent stability and functionality. The Media Key is the best choice for your car video entertainment and navigation system.





2. Output

3. Power consumption

4. Mode switching


5. Board dimensions: 159 mm × 95 mm × 24 mm


Compatible vehicles: