In Italy borns unconventional jewels: Avéva, a new startup between craftsmanship, design and high technology.

The combination is unusual but aims to challenge the market: from the experience in luxury car industry combined with the italian craftsmanship starts Avéva, an experimental laboratory set up at Voghenza for the production of unconventional jewelery. Original fashion accessories made of titanium, carbon fiber and genuine leather, made from the development of futuristic lines and using unconventional materials to the goldsmith's artisans. True jewels with precious lines, modeled by senior Italian designers with multi-year experiences in Lamborghini and Pagani Automobili.
The appeal to speed is the main but not the only key of Avéva: "The logo that accompanies the brand shows an atom with three hearts: even the most innovative material must always have a craft fiber, filled with passion - explains Mr Michele Bottoni, founder of Avéva - And for the first collection, Makuti, in honour of ancient and luminous celestial bodies, the designs follow the speed, but the shapes are soft and clean, underlined by changing colors and mirror finishes. The bracelet of this collection presents an exclusive magnetic twist closure system".
Particular is the production model of the same jewelery, with its own factory in Ferrara, between Rimini and Venice: noble metals follow hybrid processes, ranging from microfusion to numerical control lathe; while the carbon fiber is even the result of an experimental development in Formula 1, which gives the fabric uncommon strength and flexibility. However, the high technological propensity does not go to the detriment of the right comfort: "Skin contact remains the first aim even for an unconventional jewel like ours. That's why we paired the metal with stainless steel screws and used alternative nickel coatings for our magnets".