A Virtual Globe has a stunning portfolio of virtual events platforms that include some really cool features such as Hybrid Mixed Reality and bespoke avatars. Most popular platforms include Virtual  Conferences, Virtual Training, Virtual Exhibitions, Virtual Concerts, Virtual Festivals and Virtual AGM.

Key features include:
Live Audience Interaction
Providing the option to host surveys, questionnaires, polls and/or Q&A’s while displaying the results in real time during the event. We’ve integrated this best of breed third-party software with one of the industry leaders.

Virtual Stages
Ability to host virtual events on stunning ready-made stages in 2D, 3D or 4D, creating a captivating virtual environment. We able to provide an exciting selection of pre-designed or bespoke stages.

Digital Avatars
Any participants who appear on stage have the option to be displayed simply as themselves or as a Digital Avatar that can mimic real human body movement (i.e. lip sync, body movements, etc.). Our team of experts are able to design a variety of bespoke avatars to match your expectations. Avatars can even be setup as additional characters in your virtual event with predefined gestures and actions to compliment your performance.

How it works?
Our Virtual Events offer a fully managed end-to-end solution and provide attendees a convenient and stunning solution to join in from any PC, tablet, phone and other smart devices.
With just a few short questions, our team will assess your requirements to get a grasp as to how you envision your next virtual event (i.e. number of participants, length, design of Virtual Stage, etc.) and will work to formulate an unforgettable virtual experience. Most importantly we provide a fully redundant platform which means that in the event of any technological or communication failure,you are assured of event continuity.
We’re here to remove your worries, and smooth your path to success which ultimately is ours too enabling you to focus on the things that matter in your business.

For further details please visit www.avirtualglobe.com and enter the contact page where you can mention this directory listing, which will entitle you to receive a free demo, consultation and 10% discount on your first order.