Thought the years AVKASK has stablished connections with major fuel trading firms and End users around the word, our agent’s  “Mandates”  hold solid relationships in the country’s they represent for us.
AVKASK is a privately owned company registered in The Republic of Armenian with sub-offices in Iraq, Iran, China, South Africa, Europe and Hatti. The company was founded in 2003 this makes AVKASK the oldest trading company in the Republic of Armenia.
AVKASK is among the leading independent export and import companies in the Republic of Armenian, with consolidated experience in trading, operations, chartering, logistics, and financing.  We have an unrivalled depth of knowledge in the countries where we operate. This, combined with our logistics expertise and commitment, allows us to meet our clients’ needs with reliable and innovative solutions.
We are now capitalizing on our hard-earned expertise and long-standing commercial relationships by entering new markets and expanding certain business lines. Our portfolio of global trading flows continues to expand.
AVKASK is a growing company, we offer experience and morality to our clients, with have been engaged with Major commodities trading firm to supply fuel related products to them, like BB Energy, PERRACO, Glencore, UBS Bank, Society General Bank. With having the strong buying power combined with in house wealthy experience background gives AVKASK the capability to transact smoothly.
We are proud of our people, our relationships, and our honesty.