AVL Moving Systems, a moving and storage system, has successfully been serving thousands of people in moving their homes and businesses every year. With its climate-controlled secure storage facility located on the premises, AVL Moving Systems, moving and storage, is based in Santa Clara, California. It is a reliable moving and storage company, handling a wide gamut of moves, such as: residential moves, small office moves and large commercial moves, both short and long distance.

AVL helps its customers relocate anywhere within the continental United States and also has the ability to store their belongings until they are ready to receive them. By providing complete removal, storage and relocation services to individuals, families, and companies, AVL accommodates its clients and streamlines each move to meet the specifications required. Our modest approach has helped us gain numerous customers and frequent repeat business.

There is no move too large or too small. AVL Moving Systems is not just another residential and commercial moving and storage company, but has invested in a high level of personnel training, so as to carefully and effectively handle a vast array of items, such as: glass objects, furniture, antiques, electronic goods, pianos and various other things. Give us a call today so we can get you moving!