Becoming an Avon Representative is a wonderful way of working for yourself, earning commission on your sales and working to suit your family or social commitments.  Most Avon representatives start direct selling via catalogues on a part-time basis to earn extra money.  Avon offer their support from day one.  Your Sales Leader will give you predictions on the number of customers and likely sales in your territory but you will find this may take a while to reach because a new representative will need to get to know your territory, form a cell of customers, whether regular or sporadic purchasers and as time increases you will increase your customer base and build up a trust of loyal clients.
Starting out as an Avon representative can be time consuming as you need to get to know your area.  In any area, there will be people who welcome the Avon brochures, those who may buy occasionally and those who will return them unopened.  An Avon representative needs perseverance, patience and a kind friendly approach – with this attitude, you will find that, in time,  you will have built up a strong client-base who will recommend friends and family, you will meet new people and start to enjoy your job enormously, as well as increase your commission.
Many orders may be quite small, but don’t be disheartened, they could just be trying out products and once they realise the quality and extent of what’s on offer, often go on to become enthusiastic customers.  Once you have mastered the ordering system, that part of your job shouldn’t take up too much of your time.  Deliveries and sorting out customer’s orders once they have been delivered will take up some time but this is often the most rewarding part of your job.  You will soon get to know your customers, look forward to seeing them, and enjoy the interaction of talking through the new products and what’s on offer.  The feedback  you get when your client enthuses over how much they enjoy their purchase will fill you with pride and, coupled the added bonus of the commission you will earn, it’s a win win situation.
As an Avon representative you work for yourself and receive earnings on your sales and how much you sell is really down to you.  Avon produce 18 brochures a year, which equates to a new brochure every 3 weeks so there are always new fresh products to introduce.  If you place an order over £148, you will earn around £1 for every £4 your customers spend.  If your order is below £148 but above a specified minimum order value, you earn around £1 for every £4 your customers spend.
An Avon representative entitles you to buy Avon products for yourself at discounted prices.  Established Avon representatives have the opportunity of progressing on the career ladder to become a Sales Leader and go on to manage your own team of Avon representatives.
To become an Avon representative costs as little as a £15 registration fee which is split over your first 2 brochures and deducted from your earnings. Avon has a comprehensive training and support network and you will be part of a Representative Group managed by a Sales Leader, Area Sales Manager or both.   You will be given a business pack to get you started which includes your basics – brochures, a selling guide, calling book (to record customers’ details) and stationery.  You can start selling directly from the brochure and do not need to pay for products until you have delivered the products to your customers.
Successful top-selling Avon representatives become members of Avon’s exclusive President’s Club which benefits include extra discounts, free gifts, special recognition dinners, lunch with the President of Avon UK and luxury trips abroad for the Top 50 representatives in the UK.  You will have access to a specially designed website to help you succeed and sell successfully.
So, if you love meeting people, want a job that is designed around you and your commitments and which gives you a good earning capacity, becoming an Avon representative is made for you.  Why not give it a try, you will not be disappointed.