KONsys is an International company, established in 2003 by a talented Industrial Automation Specialist and a highly regarded software professional. KONsys has gained extensive field experience in industrial automataion, supervisory systems and controlls and also energy management systems. Its wide professional experience was key in building up the company’s main profile, developing the AVReporter software for the Energy Management sector.

After recognising the rapidly growing global demand for Energy Management systems, KONsys International invested special efforts into developing a specific solution, a software that can turn the collected data into specific reports, supporting the analytical process by acting as a vital tool in the energy managing process. Adding to its popularity renewable energy can also be measured, monitored and managed by AVReporter.

The team has not only got software developing experience but also technical field experience from the planning through implementation till successful energy management. This background knowledge is combined with professional know-how and can-do attitude.

The company’s commitment to continuous improvement has been characterized by the long term relationships they now enjoy with the growing base of customers. As a result, they have learnt to associate continuous improvement with precise operations in documentation, evaluation of regular customer feedback, and flexibility in customising design, recognised the importance of user training and quality assurance, all with the intention to meet each user’s specific requirements.

KONsys International aims to connect with energy advisers, energy managers, system integrators, electrical engineers and also energy associations in order to improve and manage the quality of the software.