As the turbulent pace of change continues, there is a deeper need to connect with our inner wisdom, aspirations, and destiny.  Awakenings Group  shines among advisors specializing in soul level mentoring and intuitive support because of our experience with the multi-layered and soul centric needs of an awakening planet.  

As we walk daily in unfamiliar territory the need arises for successful navigation through this new wilderness.  Thus all of our services are specifically designed to encourage, support and amplify your unique awakening process and your individual vision of wholeness.  Key to your experience is the flexibility of our intuitive programs, personalized guidance, and on-going support.

Awakenings Group founder Shira Kozak has the unique skills for closing the gaps between knowledge and wisdom, awareness and awakening, experience and application.  As humanity continues to build a bridge between what we know and to what we are awakening, Shira's expertise in traversing these liminal spaces is the critical asset behind her work.  

Awakenings Group is a purpose-oriented community dedicated to serving the heightened evolutionary impulse of the planet. By fostering a vision of self-awareness, harmony, and Universal Oneness, we can best serve by assisting and supporting the awakening of those who are ready to live consciously and authentically.