International Crackers is known for offering an innovative and sophisticated design style, and is widely acknowledged as the benchmark brand of luxury Christmas Crackers. The marketing decision by this family company to create and maintain a cracker collection with an emphasis on quality, refinement and luxury aimed at the top end of the market, makes it possible not only to present collections reflecting the well-established traditions of the company but also to develop up-to-date cracker designs with high quality contents and cutting-edge technical innovation.
Every season the International Crackers brand presents a growing collection of elegant high quality crackers representing the creative expression of the brand that now includes: Christmas Crackers, a collection of timeless classic elegance capturing the essence of tradition combined with the look of today. Celebration Crackers, a product that highlights pattern and color through bold chromatic effects and designs that appeal to adult and child alike. Wedding Crackers, a collection based on a palette of basic colours of refined simplicity, with accessories that help interpret the emotion of the moment without losing sight of functionality
In 2008, consistent with the company’s policy to offer innovative product with originality, International Crackers will launch the Crack-a-Tune® concept which is designed with an electronic device inside activated by the traditional pulling of the cracker by two persons.
Crack-a-Tune® plays either a Christmas Carol or a tune suitable for a Birthday, Wedding or a Festive Celebration. Different tunes and sounds suited to many occasions or corporate events are available or may be custom made to order. As an added bonus, Crack-a-Tune® is not classified as a “dangerous goods product” because it does not contain explosive. Therefore it is safe to send by Post, airfreight, courier, or if travelling by plane, the Crack-a-Tune® Christmas or Celebration Crackers may be carried in cabin luggage.
Having evaluated both the sales potential and completed the pre-release testing of this cracker by initially making it available to a select group of users, Crack-a-Tune® is now in full production and available worldwide in three different versions for the 2008 season:
Christmas Crack-a-Tune® - plays a Christmas Carol.
Celebration Crack-a-Tune® - plays Happy Birthday.
Wedding Crack-a-Tune® - plays the Wedding March. As an added feature it does not break apart, but slides in & out. So, it may be filled it with an additional memento or message and then it becomes a keepsake for the recipient.
International Crackers is a Christmas cracker design and manufacturing company reflecting generations of experience and craftsmanship in the industry. IC has achieved the unrivalled distinction of being one of the World’s foremost designers and manufacturers of Premier Luxury Christmas Crackers and has garnered the highest possible accolades from prestigious retailers and department stores worldwide including Harrods of London and Fortnum & Mason.
Its sophisticated Christmas crackers are the expression of a truly unique innovative design style which offers a modern interpretation of a traditional Christmas evoking the memories of Christmas past. Celebrating its 9th decade of uninterrupted family business, the Company has developed a deep-seated culture of style and innovation which continues to inspire the designs of the collection.  Beautiful papers, exquisite ribbons, handmade decorations and unique gifts are carefully selected from around the world in order to ensure that only the best components are combined to create each original design.
Years of family experience and craftsmanship guarantee the highest quality Christmas crackers with an emphasis on quality, refinement and luxury aimed at the top end of the market. International Crackers has a global market footprint with an extensive distribution network. However it is still a “family business” est. 1923 and directed by two generations of the family: Antoinette Baroni, CEO and daughter Sasha Baroni, Design and Production Director. They continue the unmistakable signature of the Company offering designs of freshness and style in which elegance, balance and quality are a common thread. International Crackers Christmas collections always express an up-to-date innovative yet classic design, with a sophisticated contemporary look that winks at the world of fashion and home wares and that defines the "International Crackers" brand.
Crack-a-Tune® is protected by Copyright, Patents, Trade Marks and/or Registered Trade Marks under International Intellectual Property Law.
Product and purchasing information can be found at www.internationalcrackers.com.