Axia Consulting Ltd offers time-saving RFI/RFP Templates and impartial advice to help organisations specify and select new Accounting, CRM, HR and Payroll software.

Axia was formed in 1994 to provide specialist consultancy advice and resources to help enterprises select and implement Accounting and HR Payroll systems.

In 1998 we created and released the first of our widely acclaimed RFI/RFP Templates for Accounting Software.

Subsequently, the range of RFI/RFP Templates has grown to include HR, Payroll, CRM, BI and BPM Software. All of which are enhanced and updated for the latest developments.

The latest version RFI/RFP Templates for Accounting, Payroll and Human Resources software were released 2014. And a new addition - the RFP Evaluation Template was released in April 2015.