Coaching Axilogy is an innovative education company using coaching to help students score in the top 10th percentiles. We started with the 8-hour medical college admissions test (MCAT) and are aiming to use these techniques for LSAT, NCLEX, SAT (+Subject), AP, ACT (+Subject), GRE, GMAT and other exams. Early Courses We also prepare students early for their career through 80+ lesson "early education" courses that is preparing for ACE college accreditation. We are the parent company of a nonprofit education-centered homeless shelter using online schooling to help students catch up. Milestones In the past 1.5 years we have generated $170,000 at a 80% net-profit margin and sold hundreds of test prep books to enhance our presence as an education company. Expansion We are now expanding to all test prep, patient education, and early education courses through developing an integrated e-portal and "coaching" app for students to be sold separately for a monthly subscription basis.