We have over 35 years experience in the industry and are well qualified
to help small business in record keeping and reporting solutions.

We are also accountants and tax agents dealing in client accounting work, taxation matters, business management systems and business finance.

We are also mortgage brokers placing home loans, car equipment and personal loans for our clients

We help you with advice on the following bookkeeping solutions


MYOB LiveAccounts



Cashflow Manager



Sage My Business



Business Reports

+ DIY online Freebies

eg Free Accounting Software

We can advise on simple DIY record keeping systems at no cost to you or use our services at an affordable cost. The time you save pays for it.

Either way solutions are available for your:

* Business Accounts

* Payroll



* Tax Return Preparation & Lodgement

Learn how Business Systems, also known as Operations Manuals or Procedure Manuals, allow you to Work Smarter, Not Harder

* Increase the  Efficiency of Your Busines
* Increase the Value of Your Business
* Turn Your Business into a Saleable Asset

....and together with a meaningfull Reporting System  your business can generat increadible wealth.

Is your business in need of a cash flow injection? Need help to better management your business's finances.

We offer a range of small business finance solutions to help small businesses streamline their finance and cash flow. These include:

* Approval on a range of Short Term Business Loans and Business Overdrafts  
* Debt consolidation or Debtor finance
* Flexible Leasing and Chattals Mortgage Arrangements
* Long Term Finance Solutions that don't require property as security

Remember, any financial institution will lend you money if you meet their requirements. So learn to know these requirements first