Axxun Inc is about to market on a worldwide basis its unique tried and proven system, axxun®, an application that builds and runs other applications!  
axxun enables a developer to create a fully customized business computer application so quickly that it saves the developer 75% of the total time ordinarily required for such projects, and, as importantly, reduces by a similar amount the time required to maintain and modify the installed applications.  
This means the average corporate customer reduces their costs after license fees by over 50% by using axxun.  

axxun is a pure Object Application Development paradigm (not just Object Oriented) and therefore not a code generator or programming language.  In fact no code is developed, written, generated or cobbled together to create an application.  Seeing axxun in action is believing!

axxun has been proven to allow developers to rapidly create and maintain application systems for clients like Toyota and Gucci.  Until now this closely guarded system has only been used by its Swiss Nuclear Physicist Computer Scientist author and his team of developers and a couple of consulting firms to create and maintain applications for direct customers. Nearly 300 companies of all sizes and in many different industries have axxun developed systems for a wide variety of applications, e.g., ERP, risk analysis, mobile ticketing, medical practice, scheduling, financial analysis, etc.

axxun is a computer application whose sole job it is to build and run business applications.  It is an agile development system where the developer sees the results of his efforts easily by just moving from the development view to the end user view of the system.

The process of developing an application still requires a needs analysis and the establishment of user requirements, but then axxun allows the developer, using plain language descriptions of the requirements, to create and maintain an application in a fraction of the time employed by traditional modeling, programming and database application development methods.  The dramatic savings of time can be understood in light of the following:
•     There is no program code writing, testing and debugging.
•     The application can be developed without any strict order or flow, just data point by data point (Objects), described in natural language, dramatically reducing the preparation time.
•     This technology encapsulates intelligence into database object definitions so that the system discovers and establishes the functional design required relationships among the data points on its own and then keeps track of them.  
•     The design prevents developers from making programming related mistakes, a major issue for today’s generation of competitive systems, and it produces a highly reliable and, at 10.6 megabytes, efficient application.  
•     axxun has its own database, but can seamlessly use any major SQL database, e.g., Oracle™ and Microsoft SQL Server, without the developer having to write scripts!
•     axxun can simply connect (via DLL) to any existing system or device required.
•     The end product of an axxun developed system is a user application (data dictionary) that operates on the axxun runtime engine, not a traditionally coded system.  
•     axxun itself is programmed in C and C++, something a developer never encounters, since he is a developer user.
The public release of axxun via the web is scheduled for launch summer 2011.  It will include an enhanced GUI (Graphical User Interface) and  then in Q3 “axxun on the web” will be released providing opportunities for use on a number of (cloud) platforms, as well as allowing for the generation of web presentations (pages).  axxun will be accessible via the web and will be capable of being used for the development of both applications and web pages.

For more information contact:
Bob Unnold, CEO           runnold@axxun.com       +1 203 569-9520