Ayers Advertising specializes in integrated holistic marketing & merchandising solutions, directing advertising perspectives away from the fractured approach that once worked in the pre-http era & exploit the ubiquity of modern, converged media.

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We help local businesses get found by consumers at an extremely cost efficient rate.  Any small or medium-sized business can benefit from our method of marketing analysis and campaign implementation. Call us at 303.596.4054; or email:  info@ayersads.com

Advertising Top-10 List for ANY & ALL businesses:

1. First Page Placement on Google
2. Mobile devices
3. Presence on 100+ directories
4. Google Local (Maps)
5. Yahoo Local (Maps)
6. Bing Local (Maps)
7. GPS Devices
8. Social Networks (like Facebook)
9. Your landing page website
10. Links to your existing business website

Can YOU Do This Yourself???

Yes You Can!  But you haven’t. So, what makes you think you’re going to do it today???

Look at it this way:  what do great athletes, musicians, dancers – performers of any kind – ALL have in common?  Some kind of coach or mentor either presently or somewhere in their past.  Do you really think your advertising & marketing is going to perform without being coached and worked and trained and mentored to be GREAT?

Success is a choice.  What do you choose for your business?

BIO: Nathan Ayers has worked with Internet technology since 1982 (text-only applications) and is dedicated to practicing market- specific demographic and psychographic targeted marketing & merchandising.

Nathan has been involved with the design, implementation and analysis of market research studies since 1995. He has analyzed thousands of individual consumer research reports for markets ranging from the largest DMA/metro areas to the most rural of communities – analyzing consumers’ patterns, habits, buying preferences, perceptions, media patterns & habits, as well as psychographic trends and tendencies.

Nathan’s diverse background includes degrees from the University of Colorado (1990. B.A., Geography/Economics/Energy Science) and L’Ecole La Varenne in Paris, France. In addition to six years of retail experience, he has worked full time in automotive marketing for over 16 years, not only in the research field but also performing advertising & marketing account supervision, graphic design production and oversight and media direction, serving dealers both domestically and internationally.

Nathan has assisted in many national & international presentations on advertising, marketing, and the Internet, including the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) National Convention: “Dealer Marketing on the Internet” & “21st Century Media Buying” ; various State Associations and 20 groups; as well as appearing on NADA’s Skylink Satellite Broadcast. Since 1996, Nathan has served as guest instructor on advertising & marketing at NADA for both Dealer Candidate Academy & General Dealership Management Program in McLean, Virginia, where he has taught & given hundreds of lectures.