Pembury Publishing is a small Arts publisher involving four or five people set up to promote and publish  Margaret Bowker's Modern Classics Series. The Modern Classics Series is a UK literary project inspired by the genius of Jane Austen and to date has brought out 7 novels, 9 counting complete rewrites.

The novels are available on domestic websites in many countries, googling The Interloper by Margaret Bowker gives a good an example of this.They are also available  in warehouses and some inde shops. The literary project achieved one of its main aims in 2011, when  the price of lthe novels came down to normal retail prices with the novel, Julia.  The latest release, The Governess,  April 2012,  is priced at about about seven pounds. Pricing was previously an issue as it can be with arts work. The project's most significant remaining target  is getting the novels into mainstream stores, such as Waterstones and WHSmith in the UK and elsewhere.

Margaret has often said how much she enjoys writing this unusual semi classical romantic drama, which is generally thought a difficult thing to attempt.  It may not be commerical yet, but it's known in various countries, especially in arts groups and amongst the student community.

Margaret is also well-known for being an activist, a contributor to  an international online newpaper, economic blogger and pro-bono lobbyist for  very large projects; and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a Member of the Royal Society of Literature and of the Jane Austen Society.