Residential: Flexible Hours. Low Rates.
Businesses: Affordable Computer Support Contracts.  Why pay more money just because they have fleets of fancy painted cars?  We are affordable and speak layman's terms.

Computer troubleshooting and Repairs- We troubleshoot all the issues on your computer and tell you what it will take to get it back up and running just like new. We don't charge to diagnose the problems. We don't do any work on your computer without your authorization to proceed. You will know the amount due before any work is done.

Data Backup or Transfer- We can help you find the best possible data backup solutions. We also can transfer whatever data you want from one computer to another one.

Computer Training- We can assist you with teaching you the basics of how to navigate your computer. We will sit down with you on a one-on-one basis and help you with the areas you want to learn. Reasonable fees.

Virus Removal Service - Protect your critical files and data.  We are experts at the removal of damaging viruses, spyware, and malware like the infamous Internet Security 2010 virus or the "FBI Warning" virus.

Spyware Removal - Including Browser Hijackers, Unwanted/Offending toolbars and Search Pages

Computer Consulting - Gain an expert's knowledge on your PC.  One-on-one training available

Computer Upgrades - Provide longevity to your PC with Upgrades, Memory, Hard Drive, Video Card, Sound Card Upgrades and more.

Home Networking Installation and support - Protecting Wireless Networks (WiFi) and securing them from hackers.

Computer Tune up- Is your computer not as fast as it once was? Get Your PC's speed back like when it was brand new. We will tune-up your computer and clear off some of the unnecessary items that bog down the speed of most computers.

PC Maintenance Plans - Schedule regular important  updates & optimization plans to avoid a computer meltdown or crash  and to keep your computer running as fast as it did the day you bought  it.  

Computer Recycling - we will recycle your outdated, unwanted computers free of charge.

Just some of the things we do.  Cal us today, we can help!!