Azpen Innovation is a global provider of Tablet PCs, Gaming Devices, Wireless Accessories, Home Automation Devices and “Internet of Things” related products.

Located in Plano, Texas just 20 miles north of Dallas.

We develop creative solutions with cutting-edge technology, design, and features that will provide value to our customers. We distribute our products through Retailers, Wireless Carriers, Distributors, E-Commerce, B2B, and other alternate channels.

Azpen Innovation formed in 2010 with headquarters located in Plano, TX and offices throughout the country.  The parent company, Mingtel Inc. was established in 2003.  The company-owned facility located in Shenzhen, China is highly automated with industry leading equipment, advanced software development and ID design, highly trained employees with over 10 years of experience in manufacturing and production for medium to large customers across multiple business sectors as well as the consumer electronic industry.

We provide software and hardware customization, branding and packaging customization, pre-sales, post-sales, technical and customer service support, forward and reverse logistic services, and offer a variety of warranty programs to meet client requirements.

Azpen unique attributes is its ability to customize OS configurations, user settings, UI design, pre-install applications, and develop firmware along with designing hardware and customizing product specifications.

Azpen is a customer driven company that strives to deliver high quality products that is best value in class for its customers.